Racism and Rape, Redux

I'm a really positive person but I tend to worry. A lot. Before my trip I was worried something would go wrong with my visa. During my flight I worried that the airline would lose my luggage. Now that I'm here, I'm worried I will get raped and die. But that's why I'm here. Not to get raped and die -- duh -- but to get over all the worrying about getting raped and dying, Lyme's Disease, hidden costs of common consumer goods, etc. etc.

Fortunately, the universe is teaching me a couple things:
- LAX to AUK: I expected to be seated next to a giant with tiny hands and smelly pits. Instead, I got a three-seater to myself and slept like a horse-tranquilized log-baby. Yay no jet lag!
- Even though I predicted and prepared for these things to happen, my baggage was never lost, my box of American tampons never stolen. (Why did I pack American tampons? Doesn't New Zealand have menstruating women? I'm glad you asked. Yes, there are menstruating women here. But they seem to be subsisting on applicator-less tampons, and I'm not at that Europeanish level of intimacy with myself.)
- I found a super cheap hostel with a decent rating. I expected bedbugs and Japanese tourists galore. I don't know which would have been worse. (Just kidding! Bedbugs are clearly much worse. And there are no Japanese here either, so, double score!) Instead, I pay $10 a day for a rousing group of alcoholic Scots (redundant?) and a Canadian or two here and there.

Lesson learned? Expect the absolute worst and the universe will always always gift you with something a little less worse! (i.e. Canadians = a little less worse than bedbug-infested Japanese tourists.)

In all seriousness:
  1. I love Canadians. And bedbugs.
  2. The air here is delicious.
  3. The sky is closer to the earth here, and moves faster than what humans should consider normal.
  4. The stars are brighter.
  5. The cheese is cheesier.

This place isn't paradise, but it would be...if you were here with me.

Love love love,



  1. There are different types of tampons... wow, you learn something new everyday. I cant get my head around applicator-less... But, i guess being a guy, I dont need to worry that much about it. But then again, there are American types... and European applicaor-less, are there any other cultures that have different. I guess negating the previous, my interest is kind of struck. It is not something that I normally think of, but i guess all guys kinda wonder.

    Anyway, glad to hear you made it out there with no problems, and look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  2. hope we could figure out how to connect when i get to asia! ^_^

  3. Ha! I brought tampons to China for the same reason.

  4. oh you know i went to costco to stock up on the giant boxes before going to the philippines (here for 6 mo's). i love how 3/4 comments are about tampons. be careful! i hope our paths cross soon!

  5. Hana- if you ever make the leap to applicator-less tampons, you MUST buy a Diva Cup. I think we've talked about it before, and I think you liked the idea but thought you couldn't handle it. Seriously- best thing ever.

  6. I'm looking forward to blog-stalking you during your NZ adventure. Kidding. Sorta. -Ant