Money Doesn't Make Cents

Maybe a lot of you have experienced this -- growing up you saw your parents struggling to pay the mortgage, feed you, clothe you, send you to rehab, whatever. These experiences planted a seed in you, the idea that financial security is the key to happiness.

You think I'm going to say "Bullshit." But no. Your parents are always fucking right.

But here's where I whisper a tiny tiny "Bullshit."

Ask any of them and they'll say the most fun they had in their lives was when they were young and dumb and broke.

Here's where I "coughBullshitcough."

Reminiscence is looking back at the past through rose-colored glasses.

That nearly career-ending incident where you were bitching about your boss via email and accidentally CC'd your boss? Or how about the time you farted poop during sex with the hottest girl you will ever get to have sex with? Or the absolute betrayal you felt when you saw your best friend making out with your boyfriend in the middle of what was supposed to be your engagement party? Give it 30 years and it all seems HILARIOUS!

I digress. And I don't remember what my point was so I'll stop here.

I'd rather YouTube-karaoke anyway.

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