Stream of EXTREME consciousness

What goes through my mind on the rare nights I can't fall asleep:

- IMPORTANT THING! that I have to do tomorrow
- regretting youthful insouciance regarding eyebrow grooming
- unwanted body hair and how I would just feel better if I got rid of it permanently or accepted it as a natural part of my human fucking body
- the Patriarchy
- what outfit to wear tomorrow
- oh shit it's in the laundry bin, and, let's be honest, we both know you're going to work in your pajamas
- I wonder if I have clean underwear for tomorrow
- ugh who cares -- go commando
- remember to buy laundry detergent and bread, laundry detergent and bread, laundry detergent and bread, laundry detergent and bread, laundry detergent and bread...
- omg I miss bagels
- mental note: look up bagel recipe -- just look it up, don't actually make them
- buy Q-Tips, even though you know you're not supposed to (damn that shit feels good in your ear)
- omg file taxes!!!
- is that an ingrown hair or a cancerous tumour?
- should I have kids?

- maybe I should count sheep
- I hate sheep's cheese, it tastes like a barn
- barn weddings were a thing
- oh my sweet husband, I wonder what he's thinking about
- he's breathing weird, maybe I should wake him up
- maybe if I move his head he'll -- oops -- he's awake

"Babe you were breathing weird, like you were choking! Maybe you have sleep apnea!! What if you die in your sleep?? You should go see a doctor."

*snuggle snuggle* (fall asleep)

husband = wide awake


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